OPEN Live | Building your tech tools in a crisis

Explore how Campax built an accommodation program for refugees. It was so effective that the Government paid them for it!

30 June 2022 14:09

June 2022

In the first five weeks of conflict in Ukraine, five million people fled the country. Many European nations are receiving hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees and temporary housing initiatives have popped up throughout the continent. 

In the first weeks of the crisis, Campax set up its own housing matching system. The tool is used to support refugees with safe and secure accommodation either in hotels or with volunteers with spare rooms. The project grew exponentially in its first few weeks as it partnered with Switzerland's largest refugee association as well as the national and local governments. At the time of writing, the system has 100k accommodation spots available, 180 users who manage the system and has effectively matched 5,000 refugees with accommodation. 

For this special OPEN Live, we’ll be joined by engineer and psychologist Stefan Heer from Campax who project managed Campax’s tech build covering: 

  • Building tech in the middle of a crisis
  • Safe checks, security and sensitive data 
  • Working with non-traditional partners (federal and local government!)


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