OPEN Tech - OPEN Summit App - Demo

OPEN Summit Application Demonstration, as part of OPEN Tech's research and development.

14 March 2023 22:43

OPEN Summit App Demonstration as part of OPEN Tech’s research and development work by Ben Mort, OPEN’s Chief Technology Officer.

Purpose (Why? Why are we undertaking this? What is the purpose?):

  • To deliver a more engaging summit experience for all summits and attendees
  • To have a viable prototype boiler plate delivered to network groups to work from

Outcomes (What are the specific outcomes we want to accomplish?):

  • An application on the google and apple stores for download by open members
  • A clean, concise and documented open source github project for publishing to the network and the wider world


  • Initial project design
  • approval for R&D
  • Viability assessment sprint
  • Demo for feedback from internal staff
  • Demo for feedback from OPEN groups
  • Initial release on app stores
  • Develop and release version 2 conditionally based on interested, usership and feedback

Feedback so far - possibilities for further/ collaborative development:

  • Offline mode for summits in remote locations outside of cell service
  • Attendee job categorization so as to be able to groups members together and create ongoing social groups which can collocate and meet in their designated topic


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